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Here is what is considered Basic Strategy for video poker. It is legal and perfectly acceptable to use this chart whilst playing.

To use it simply look at your original cards and see what you have been dealt. Then check on this list for the strategy that will give you the best chance of improving your hand.

It tells you how many cards to hold and how many to discard. Working out which to hold and which to discard should be common sense.

Initial hand Strategy
4 of a kind Keep all
4 card royal (ie cards of same suit, in sequence) Hold 4, discard 1
Full house Keep all
Flush Keep all
3 of a kind Hold 3, discard 2
4 card straight* flush Hold 4, discard 1
Straight* Keep all
Two pair Hold 4, discard 1
High pair (jacks or better) Hold 2, discard 3
3 card royal Hold 3, discard 2
4 card flush Hold 4, discard 1
Low pair (10 or less) Hold 2, discard 3
4 card straight* (1 high card) Hold 4, discard 1
3 card straight* flush Hold 3, discard 2
2 card royal (ace, no 10) Hold 2, discard 3
3 high cards (J, Q, K, no ace) Hold 3, discard 2
2 high cards Hold 2, discard 3
2 card royal (10, no ace) Hold 2, discard 3
1 high card (J, Q, K or ace) Hold 1, discard 4
Mixed low cards (10 or less) Discard all

*you may know a ‘straight’ as a run or running hand

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