Video Poker Tips and Odds

Video Poker Tips and Odds

Use this Guide to find out the Professional Video Poker Secrets to take your poker playing to the next level!

Video Poker has become extremely popular among those who love card games, in this version of the Poker game, you will be dealt five cards from which you need to build the best possible poker hand. Using your card gaming skills in this game is critical since you have to decide which cards you would like to keep in your hand and which you would like to exchange.

A chart is shown on the screen that specifies credits offered for each winning hand arrangement. When playing video poker it is important that you verify the various payout schemes as they tend to differ from game to game.

Get the Best Poker Hand

As mentioned above, the main idea behind video poker is to get the best possible poker hand. Knowing how to play basic poker will definitively give you an advantage and you are very likely to handle the video poker game successfully. There are, however, differences between standard video poker and most of the stud or draw poker variations:

In video poker there is always only one round of betting which is completely different to what we see in traditional poker which has more than one round of betting. Another difference is that in video poker you usually get all your cards when you press the ‘deal’ button and in regular poker there are what are called “community cards and pocket cards”.

The Poker Payout Charts

By taking a quick look at the payout chart for any video poker game you will see that it usually has five columns. The first column shows the prize amount if the player has wagered one coin; the second column shows the price amount if the player has wagered two coins and so on. All games of video poker can be played with one to five coins and as a player you must decide whether to bet the maximum amount of the minimum and this is where one of the video poker secrets lies.

If you want to play with one coin, as most people do, press the coin symbol once, if you want to play with two coins press the coin symbol twice and so on. Some machines have a separate symbol for 5 coins that can be activated by a single click, because good players always play with five coins.

Play Poker like This to Win More

One general rule applies to all video poker machines: Always play the maximum credits! One of the video poker secrets is to continuously test new things to see what works, luckily for you you know know that you must play with 5 coins.

The payoffs increase depending on how many credits you make, most of the time we hear about people who bet the minimum then a royal flush comes around and they had a bet of only one credit!