Tips for Video Poker

Video Poker Tips for New Players

Video Poker is currently the fifth most popular casino game in the world, behind only Blackjack, Slots, Craps, and Roulette!

Players love Video Poker because of its simplicity as well as the option to play for very low stakes – even as little as $0.01! Video poker machines are much less intimidating than Craps or Blackjack which have many betting options and strict etiquette.

Learn th Rules of Video Poker

Even though Video Poker is the simplest casino game this side of Slots, it’s still important to learn the full rules of the game before you start playing. Although Video Poker can have the lowest house edge of any casino game, if you play improperly it can actually have one of the highest edges on the casino! That’s why it’s always important to play with perfect video poker strategy and find the best video poker paytables out there.

Bet Like This to Win More at Poker

The first video poker tip we’re going to provide to you is to always bet five coins per hand. Players can choose to bet between one and five coins per hand. One through four coins are statistically the same, but betting five coins provides you a large bonus if you happen to make a royal flush. This makes up a significant amount of the payout percentage, so it’s important to always bet five coins per hand. If you ever hit a Royal Flush and weren’t betting five coins per hand you’ll be extremely disappointed.

Play Full Pay Poker Games

The next tip we have is to always play full pay games. Many casinos choose to sway the odds in their favor by decreasing the payouts for certain hands. For example, a full pay Jacks or Better game should pay out 9x your bet for a full house and 6x your bet for a flush. However, some casinos choose to only pay out 8x your bet for a full house or 5x your bet for a flush. These reductions in payouts significantly reduce your overall payout percentage. Learn more about video poker return tables.

Increase Your Wins Like This!

Another tip we have for you is to always use your players card when you’re at the casino. If you’re using perfect strategy you can often get the house edge down to under half a percent, and by using a player card you can recoup that half percent through free meals and hotel rooms. If you don’t use the player card you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, especially if you’re a consistent player at the casino you choose.

Find the Best Paytables!

Video poker players should always check out various casinos to find the best possible pay tables. You should never play low pay return tables because you can always find full pay tables. If you’re having trouble finding a full pay game, we recommend checking out the casinos that are off the Strip. Since they don’t have premium location, they often provide great odds on the video poker machines to attract players to their property.