1. They all have it. Look for machines by IGT and Bally’s for the best programs. Game King (IGT) has the most variations of the game.

  2. What do you like to play
    9/6 JOB
    10/7 DB

    This site has all of the “good” video poker in LV >LV Database

    This site also has pretty much the same list but without the slot club rundown “GAMBLING INFO” >Video poker

    This is an excellent site for VP info >has a very easy to learn “basic” strategy for the beginner(9/6 JOB)

    The best casinos for VP
    Fiesta Henderson
    Fiesta Rancho
    El Cortez

    Near the strip you can find 9/6 JOB at the quarter level at these. >If you’re not an experienced player, 9/6 JOB is the easiest VP to learn and by learning the strategy to this game you can then play 8/5 BP(99.2%) and with only minor changes in strategy play 10/7 DB(100.2%) at almost 100%
    LV Hilton – Also has 27 nickel 9/6 JOB machines
    Gold Coast

    VP is my game(s) of choice

    We go to LV 2-3 times a year for 2 weeks or more at a time and have for over 20 years. Next trip June 6th – July 5th(30 days) >all free thanks to VP 🙂

    If you have any questions Kate, feel free to send me an anonymous e-mail through YA. You’re making a wise choice, VP is a lot of fun, twice the fun if you’re playing with someone.
    Plus, if you enjoy comps, IMHO VP is far and away the best way to go.

    The best thing to do is, find a casino(s) you like that has the game(s) you like to play. Then give them some play(I usually start with 2K or about 2 hours of “average” quarter VP play) Just to see what kind of response I get for my play. After you get home, and in a few months “hopefully” the casino you like will start sending you offers to “come back and visit”. This could be in the form of free rooms or rooms at the casino rate(greatly discounted rooms) plus usually some extras(Buffets/Free Play/Tickets to shows/etc)

    Later: I’m not sure why “mollykat” thinks you need to take a cab to the Palms or Sam’s Town. Sam’s Town has free shuttles from several location on the strip and you can take either the free Palms shuttle down or you can ride the free shuttles for the Gold Coast or Rio and walk across the street to the Palms. There is absolutely no need to pay high cab fares to visit either of those casinos. >Sam’s Town is Deuces wild heaven, they do have some 9/6 JOB & 10/7 DB but nothing at all for us JWKOB players. The Palms on the other hand has all four of the “main” VP games at full pay.

    Much Later: I apologize, there was a typo in the Las Vegas Advisor web site address> I have now corrected my error.


  3. Go to Henderson.
    Better odds. Off the casino strip.
    You will be amazed on some of the pay offs.

  4. In my experience the Golden Nugget and the Stratosphere have the best odds for video poker.

  5. yes all the casino’s, gas stations, bars,restaurants, convenient stores have video poker. the best ones…..nobody know’s!

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