The best casino in Las Vegas to play video poker?

What is the best casino in Las Vegas to play video poker at?

ltschenke asked:
Last year I saw something on the Discovery Travel Channel that showed a Las Vegas casino where the locals played and the payouts/jackpots were better for the player. Casino Management stated the higher payouts and more jackpots on the special I saw.


While it’s difficult to pinpoint a single “best” casino in Las Vegas for video poker, several casinos are known for their favorable video poker paytables and more frequent payouts. Many locals and experienced players recommend these casinos for their video poker offerings:

  1. The Orleans: The Orleans is a popular destination for locals and offers an extensive selection of video poker machines, including full-pay games and a variety of denominations.
  2. South Point Casino: South Point is another locals’ favorite and offers full-pay video poker games and a large variety of game types. Many players appreciate their player-friendly paytables.
  3. M Resort: M Resort is known for its great video poker selection, including full-pay Jacks or Better and other favorable paytables. It’s a bit off the Strip, which makes it popular among locals.
  4. Palms Casino Resort: Palms is well-known for its generous video poker paytables and a wide selection of games. The casino has a mix of both locals and tourists, making it a popular spot for video poker enthusiasts.
  5. Red Rock Casino: Located off the Strip, Red Rock Casino offers a variety of video poker games with good paytables. It’s a favorite among locals seeking a more relaxed gaming environment.

It’s essential to note that video poker paytables and offerings can change over time. It’s always a good idea to scout the machines and paytables before settling in to play. Additionally, joining the casino’s players club can sometimes provide additional benefits and rewards for video poker players.