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Learn Video Poker with John Patrick

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Video poker players will be able to step up to the machines with confidence after they’ve watched…

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  1. Yes but if you play full pay deuces wild using perfect basic strategy, you’ll have an advanatage over the house! Let me know if have any questions about this.

  2. On video poker you need to know the correct strategy for the game you’re playing. Some machines pay in your favor with a positive expectation with perfect basic strategy. Some progressive jackpot video poker machines pay in your favor at a certain amount. KNOW the breakeven point for those machines! Comment on my profile to learn more! Remember! Luck comes and goes. Knowledge stays forever!!!

  3. But three of a kind on a deuces machine pays the same as a pair of face cards (or aces), whereas 3OK on a JOB machine pays more.

  4. jacks or better is good sometimes because it pays big,then deuces wild e.g..but i would go for deuces wild always..because it pays quicker but not as much.

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