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How to play Video Poker online

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Video Poker games are based on five-card draw poker, which is simple and easy to learn.

To make it even easier we’ve got a basic video poker strategy card for you to print off and refer to as you play.

How do you use a video poker machine?

  1. Select a coin denomination and the number of coins you want to wager on the hand. Depending on the casino you are in, you may be able to select coins of 5c -$100. The maximum number of coins is usually 5.
  2. Click on ‘Play’ or ‘Deal’ and 5 cards will appear.
  3. Your aim is now to get the best hand you can, according to the rules and payout schedule of the particular game you are playing. You click to select which cards you want to hold. You can hold any number you like, from all 5 to none at all. Some games offer an optional ‘best strategy’ button which will select the cards for you according to the best statistical strategy for that game.
  4. You then click the ‘Deal’ button again. The cards you discarded are removed and new cards are dealt to replace them. This is your final hand.
  5. You are then awarded credits based on how good your final hand is. The amount you win depends on the payout schedule for that particular game. And the more you wagered, the greater the payout for the same hand.
  6. When you are ready to collect your winnings, simply click on ‘Collect’ and that amount will go into your player account.

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Video Poker Basic Strategy Card

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Here is what is considered Basic Strategy for video poker. It is legal and perfectly acceptable to use this chart whilst playing.

To use it simply look at your original cards and see what you have been dealt. Then check on this list for the strategy that will give you the best chance of improving your hand.

It tells you how many cards to hold and how many to discard. Working out which to hold and which to discard should be common sense.

Initial hand Strategy
4 of a kind Keep all
4 card royal (ie cards of same suit, in sequence) Hold 4, discard 1
Full house Keep all
Flush Keep all
3 of a kind Hold 3, discard 2
4 card straight* flush Hold 4, discard 1
Straight* Keep all
Two pair Hold 4, discard 1
High pair (jacks or better) Hold 2, discard 3
3 card royal Hold 3, discard 2
4 card flush Hold 4, discard 1
Low pair (10 or less) Hold 2, discard 3
4 card straight* (1 high card) Hold 4, discard 1
3 card straight* flush Hold 3, discard 2
2 card royal (ace, no 10) Hold 2, discard 3
3 high cards (J, Q, K, no ace) Hold 3, discard 2
2 high cards Hold 2, discard 3
2 card royal (10, no ace) Hold 2, discard 3
1 high card (J, Q, K or ace) Hold 1, discard 4
Mixed low cards (10 or less) Discard all

*you may know a ‘straight’ as a run or running hand

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20 Tips on How to Win at Video Poker

Monday, March 12th, 2012

In no particular order, here’re our top tips on how to get the most cash out of a VP machine!

  1. Look for the best payouts for a full-house and a flush. For instance you might see a Jacks or Better 9/6 machine and a Jacks or Better 8/5 machine. The first number shows the payout for Full House, the second number shows the payout for a Flush. The 9/6 machine is better.

  3. Look out for these machines – they offer the best potential payout over time:
    • full-pay Deuces Wild – 100.8%
    • 10/7 Double Bonus – 100.2%
    • 9/6 Jacks or Better – 99.5%.

  5. Don’t play any games that don’t at least return your bet for a pair of jacks or better.

  7. Look at the Royal Flush payout. Aim for those that pay out at least 4,000 coins for a Royal Flush when the maximum 5 coins are wagered.

  9. Decide whether your main priority is a big jackpot or better lower level payouts. In general games with really huge jackpots, or additional mini-jackpots (eg for 4 deuces on a deuces wild machine) mean that the payouts on the lesser hands are significantly reduced. There has to be a trade-off somewhere. It’s up to you to decide where your priorities lie.

  11. Always play the maximum coins. This entitles you to the big jackpot payout if you land a Royal Flush.

  13. If the denominations on a machine are too high for you to play the maximum coins, move to a machine where they are lower.

  15. Learn the ranking of poker hands. The higher the ranking, the higher the here to see them

  17. Play the right card strategy. You have to play the correct strategy for the game to make the most of the payout schedule. Easier said than done? Luckily we’ve got all the strategies here for you!!  Bear in mind that these strategies will not guarantee you a win, but they will maximise your chances.

  19. Never discard a winning hand. Some games may help you by telling you when you have a winning hand from the deal.

  21. Take your time and evaluate your hand carefully. Combinations like pairs and 3-of-a-kind are easy to spot, but be careful with straights and straight flushes as these winning hands may not be so easy to spot. Remember that a run is still a run even if the cards appear in a different order.

  23. Double check you’ve got the right cards held before you click ‘deal’ again. By clicking a second time on the ‘Hold’ button you cancel out your selection. It’s easy to do this accidentally. Also, take care to hold all of your cards if you get a pat hand on the first deal. Don’t get carried away with the excitement and jump straight at the ‘play’ button. It happens!

  25. Practise on free-play games. Get used to whatever game you are going to play first. We’ve got a selection of FREE games here that you can play.

  27. Specialise in one type of machine Learn one game at a time really well. Become an expert in the best strategies for your chosen game before moving on to try a different one.

  29. Start with Jacks or Better games It’s the easiest, so learn to play this one first before tackling any of the others. You will probably move on to joker wild next because of the high payback rates.

  31. Keep at it You might need to play an awful lot of games before you win really big. Learning to play quickly will help. You’ll speed up as you get more familiar with the basic strategy.

  33. It’s not worth playing any ‘second chance’ draw you are offered. Don’t bother with second chance machines.

  35. Get out of your live poker habits – there is no point in holding kickers, bluffing or hiding cards from a machine! For instance, many live poker players have a habit of holding ‘kickers’ as part of their game. A kicker is usually a high valued card such as an ace that is held rather than discarded even if holding it does not improve the hand. In video poker such a strategy is actually counterproductive and reduces the chances of improving your hand in the second draw. Don’t do it.

  37. Make sure you’ve got enough of a bankroll if you want to play for a big one Statistically you’ll need to play around 40,000 games to hit a jackpot. This means that on a 25c machine you’d need a bank roll of at least $1000. This would give you around 60% chance of success.

  39. Play at a casino with a good ‘comps’ program. These are money-back bonuses for wagers placed. The cash you get back via this will supplement your bankroll.

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10 great reasons for playing Video Poker

Friday, March 9th, 2012
  1.  Excellent odds – some games are set to payout more than 100%!!.
  2. Massive jackpots, including progressives on some games.
  3. Simple and easy to learn – but enough skill to make it interesting and challenging.
  4. Strategy cards available to help you beat the machine.
  5. Fantastic range of game variations to choose from.
  6. Play at your own pace – no time limits.
  7. Play anytime and for as long as you like.
  8. Set your own stakes – no need to raise to stay in the game.
  9. A winning hand always pays – no other players to beat.
  10. It’s just you against the machine – no pressure from other players or a dealer

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